When we marry and share the same roof with our love, things often get off the ground in the first few months. The fairy tale is real and that wet towel on the bed an hour will end up happening. Or that bundle of cookies you forgot yourself opened.

A final list of 10 tips that we find super important to save your marriage. Let’s talk a little about them:

1. Laugh and have fun together:

The coolest moment I have next to my love is to smile. Look for things that make us laugh out of breath. As long as the two of you are laughing together, even if it’s from yourselves, everything succeeds.

2. Listen without interrupting:

We need to be aware of the feelings of those who are with us and listen is the best way to understand these feelings. Let your love speak everything, then you, calmly, will be able to talk about every detail.

3. Put yourself in the place of the other:

When it comes to talking, think with the head of your love. Put yourself in his or her shoes and think if what’s bothering you bothers you too. Do not belittle your partner’s feelings. Be understanding.

4. Keep on dating:

At least once a month we try to go out for dinner, take it easy, have some juice, talk and, mainly, enjoy ourselves. Keep that flirting mood.

5. Live the present:

Live the present. If the hubby or the wife brought you a surprise out of nowhere, do not talk about that one again he forgot to give you a valentines day gift. We do not know how the future is going to be, so get maximum your beautiful married life and save your marriage

6. Take a deep breath and give it another chance:

Before you fight, raise an issue, take a deep breath. Giving a second chance is very important, but it should be given open-hearted.

7. Have your own goals and interests:

You enjoy running, but your wife does not? Do you like to ride a bike and not the hubby? Do not leave this habit aside because you started doing things as a couple. Have your own personal goals and goals, and go after them.

8. Be fair:

Do not pull past facts that should have already been overcome or forgotten. It will not do to be unfair to raise that fateful day that your love has left you waiting in the restaurant or that other day that you were sad and your love could not get out of work sooner. When it comes to talking about the relationship, be fair.

9. Do small things together:

Are you going to sleep? Call on your love to go lie down with you. Do not let the rush from day to day ruin those little shared moments. If you two like to read, why not sit side by side, each with your book, and be quiet together, Embrace the routine of your marriage and share simple moments.

10. Be silly:

Look, this tip is the one most used here at home. Play together, never forget that being silly is too tasty.

These tips will surley help you to save your marriage.

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