If you want to attract a woman easily, work on how you can get her attention. It is only after getting her attention that she will have you in mind and start falling for you. There are certain words and expressions that will get the attention of any woman. In this article, we have compiled words and expressions that have been tested and proved to be very effective at attracting the attention of women. Use them correctly and at appropriate time and place and you will definitely get women’s attention.

1.You are my favorite person to see every morning

If you are attracted to workmate and you want to attract her attention, simply tell her this in a gentle way when she is in a good mood. The phrase is not only sweet to a woman’s ear, but also very effective at making her know that you always look forward to seeing her.

2.I really admire your work ethic

This again is a sweet expression to tell a woman you are attracted to if you are colleagues. When you acknowledge a woman for her skills, talent, or knowledge she is passionate about, you will make her feel valued and validated for her accomplishments. It is the perfect way to get her attention.

3.You are right

If you admit that you are wrong and she is right, your humility won’t go unnoticed because it is not all the time that men get to this point.

4.Tell me about your day

Women tend to feel more relaxed and comfortable after talking. Asking a woman to tell you about her day also shows her that you care.

5.You are beautiful

When you look into a woman’s eyes and tell her that she is beautiful, you will grab her attention instantly because this implies that she is not only beautiful physically, but in the inside too.

6.How can I help?

Men who are ready to offer a helping hand appear sexier to women. If you notice that she is seems stranded and helpless, offer to help. Saying these words will easily attract a woman to you even if she doesn’t know you.

7.Your new hairstyle looks great

A woman always wants a man to notice her specifically. Telling her that her new hairstyle looks sexy will immediately attract her attention as she will feel that at least the whole work she did on her hair didn’t go unnoticed.

8.I like being around you

Saying this to a woman will go a long way as she will be happy to know that she is a positive influence. It is one of those words and expressions that can’t fail to attract a woman’s attention.

9.I wish we’d met earlier

This expression works wonders in getting a woman’s attention. It shows her that you relay love her in your life that you wish she came sooner. Whether she a woman you are dating, married to, or trying to hit on, this expression works great.

10.I have great plans for you this weekend

Most women will not turn down an offer from a gentleman, not unless they hear it is not a great offer. But whether the offer is great or not, this expression will help you get her attention and she will want to know what plans you have for her.

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