If you do not want to get your ex back and thinking to end your relationship, here are the important tips to end your relationship gracefully.

Cutting with someone will never be easy, but you can make the experience not so bitter. When we finish a relationship, negative emotions appear, sadness takes over who is left and there is apparently no way to make this experience less aggressive. However, there is a more subtle way of cutting, without doing so much damage.

Well, pain is inevitable, but you can make this separation possible with grace. Before deepening, remember that you should not do it by text message, Twitter or any other type of social networks. So if you plan to separate yourself from someone, do it in person and clearly.

1. Think of the other person:

First of all, do not do it as a whim without having thought about it before, especially if you are a couple that takes a long time.

Your partner is given an explanation and you have to think clearly how to do it and do it in a graceful way. Look for words that do not hurt your feelings. You have every right to end up with someone you do not want to be with, but it is important that the other person knows the reasons why you came to that decision.

2. Reacting compassionately:

Finishing is not only about giving an end with words but the reaction after them. It is likely that the other person gets angry, is sad or wants to leave instantly. If you see that your now ex-partner gets sick, try to talk, explain things and finish well, without shouting or drama.

If your partner does not want to talk and wants to be alone, leave it alone. Try that your ego does not ruin things anymore as this won’t make to get your ex back.

3. Respect your limits:

Finishing with someone goes beyond a conversation, it has to do with the behavior they both have after. Some choose to remain, friends, others to be erased forever. If you decide to continue communicating with that person, it is necessary to think about how you are going to do it and what the limits that they will establish in your “friendship” will be.

If your ex does not want to keep in touch with you, respect him and give them space until they may feel ready. So these simple things can save you and your partner’s heartless hurt and distorted.

Also, it may give you a feeling of peace which is only possible if things have ended in a good way. There won’t be any phrase such as “get my ex back” or desperate behavior from his/her side.

This also shows maturity and mutual understanding that is being shared among you and your ex-partner. There are many couples who do not handle this situation well and can only fall apart from the relationship very abruptly.

Just always try to deal with these kind if delicate problems with maturity and grace, so that your ex can know about your firmness over the decision and thus you may have changes to get your ex back.http://bit.ly/2RarRBa

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