Marriage is an easy step to take when two hearts have decided to be committed for the rest of life. But it is not so easy and convincing idea for all. It needs a great amount of patience to save your marriage and hold on for your partner.

If your relationship does not seem to be well with your partner, there are chances you might to take some concrete steps to save your marriage. Some of the most important tips for having a good married life are:

1. Spend time together:

Even sharing ten uninterrupted minutes a day builds connection and trust. Spending more time together when there is time available and reserving time to be together (such as having an appointment) is equally important. The key is to be present, focusing only on your wife/husband standing in front of you, leaving aside all other distractions. This creates a connection and closeness.

2. Listen and support:

It is essential to learn how to actively listen and express support in your partner’s daily difficulties, no matter how small and mundane.

3. Express gratitude:

Remember to say “thank you” for the little things you often take for granted. Even though you expect your partner to take out the trash, cook dinner and look for laundry, it is important that you express your appreciation whenever you can. If you would do it for a stranger, why not for your spouse? Expressing gratitude increases the positive feelings you will have about your relationship.

4. Be kind to each other:

Express compassion and understanding Learn to listen to your husband’s anguish, validate it and help him/her to stay strong. It is a special kindness that helps your partner not to feel alone. Show your concern by doing small things that your partner will appreciate; Take a step further and do things for her without her knowing.

5. Answer your partner gently:

Never ignore even the conversations that seem trivial. Giving the gift of attention shows that your partner is important to you.

6. Let yourself be influenced by your partner:

Do not be afraid to listen to your partner and change your ideas or opinions on both important and small issues. Insisting on your way of thinking at the beginning may seem fine, but it is not healthy for a marriage. Be open to what is important to the other.

7. Discuss the problems giving each other equal respect:

Conflict is always present in relationships. It is not a sign of a problem. The key is how to discuss; you do not have to shout to be heard. Criticism, being defensive, contempt and locking one up destroy marriages. Address the issue, do not attack the person. Do not exaggerate if your partner is upset, he’s probably looking for support, not a fight.

So here, these simple tips can lead you to save your marriage and get immense love of your partner and increase the level of commitment in your married life. Remember your love always had a meaning in your life and you should not give up on it.

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