Relationships can be very tricky. Sometimes, you have to come up with excellent strategies to attract a man’s attention. Whether you are in a relationship with a guy or you are just interested in him and you want him to hit on you, knowing how to attract his attention is critical.

Ignoring a man, if done right, can be a great way to attract his attention. Like ladies, guys too like attention, and ignoring them can get them curious and want to know more about you. So, how do you manage to attract a man by ignoring him? Here are some excellent strategies that work on almost every guy.

1.Spark his jealousy

Guys are very competitive, and in most cases, they will be attracted to you if you seem to be flirting with other guys. A man might fail to see what he has near him until there is an obvious threat that another guy might take it away. So, whenever he is around, give your attention to another man. Touch him on the shoulder and smile a lot. This will make him start competing and hit on you straight away when he gets the slightest opportunity.

2.Turn down his invitation calmly

Guys like to be chasers, and they get more motivated to chase a lady who seems hard to get. Guys do this to prove a point that they can win a difficult girl. So, make him chase you by not being available to all his invitations.

3.Maintain eye contact

Ignoring a man doesn’t mean that you immediately look away when your eyes meet. Whenever your eyes meet, maintain eye contact for a couple of few seconds and then look away but in a friendly manner. Resist the urge to look at him again. This will get him thinking whether you really want him to initiate a conversation or not.

4.Don’t text him

If he asks for your number, don’t give him. Instead, ask for his and don’t even call him later. You can call him after few days if you want to, but don’t call too soon.

5.Ignore his texts

If you have exchanged numbers, don’t be quick to respond to every text he sends. Be selective and only respond to one or two texts, especially the ones you think are important. This behavior will make him want to know how to get your attention and you will no longer struggle to have his attention.

6.Don’t show concern when he is talking to other ladies

Whenever a man you are interested in is flirting with other women, simply ignore him and get yourself busy. Don’t show any emotions or concern. That way, he will start wondering why you don’t give a damn about him while all other women do. If you can manage to get him feel this way, you will have gotten his attention.

7.Ignore his calls and call him later

To attract a man, don’t be too available, and don’t respond to his every move. This applies to calls as well. When he calls you, ignore his calls and then call him later. Tell him you were busy and could not pick up. If you do this, he will try to know exactly at what time do you want him to call you, and he will also be looking up to your call.

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