After breakup, you determined a specific period of time to stay away from your ex without contacting or seeing them, and you successfully managed to that. Congratulations. It’s usually the hardest part. Now, the next step is to come up with strategies to help you get your ex back so you can start the relationship again. Get ex back can be a difficult process but its always possible especially if the relationship was a great one.

Without much ado, here are the 7 ways to get your ex back after no contact.

1.Contact your ex

After the end of the no contact period, it is now time to contact your ex and try if you can love together again. There are various means to reach out including through a text message, phone call, an email, or a letter. Text them about something interesting like about a great memory that the two of you made together. Tell them something interesting about your life and be sure not to mentioning anything to do with getting back together.

2.Apologize to them

Put the blame on yourself and apologize to your ex. It doesn’t matter who messed up the relationship. Just admit that you were wrong and apologize genuinely. Tell your ex that you are very sorry. Apologizing tells your ex that you have matured and that you have been thinking between you guys. Your ex will also see that you have taken effective steps to become a better person and this will make them attracted to you again.

3.Ask your ex on a date

Since you and your ex are now in talking terms and you have been communicating, try asking if they would mind going on a date. When asking for a hang out or date, try to be very polite and casual. It’s good if you don’t make it sound a big deal. If your ex refuses or you notice they are reluctant, don’t try to insist or push anything. Just tell them that you will be available in case they change their mind.

4.Woo your ex again

Getting ex back means putting your best foot forward. Do the things you did to make them attracted to you in the first place. This should be easy to do because I guess you have now become a better person since you were working on improving yourself during the no contact period. As you try to impress your ex, be sure not to appear like you are begging them.

5.Don’t bring up the past

Put the past behind you and focus on only on the positive things, especially those that made your relationship work.

6.Do for them the things they love

You know your ex more than anyone know them. So, focus on building new, great memories with your ex. If they loved your cooking, prepare for them a nice meal.

7.Start slowly

As you are trying to bring love together again, don’t assume that you can begin from where you left off before the breakup. Treat it as a new relationship. Don’t put any pressure on your ex. Take time and concentrate on knowing each other. Start by building a very strong friendship. Avoid texting or calling every day.

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