Most of the love birds who break up do get back with one another by simply giving each other a break then being friends, going for a date and eventually being lovers again. In that case it is possible to get your ex back by being friend or even in the name of being friends. I am a testimony where I did get my ex back by trying not to be an enemy but by being a good friend she had never seen before. Most of the people may not find it easy to become friends with their exes because after a break up they feel like they have been looked down upon, hated and thrown away like trash. Such thoughts do eventually lead to you and your ex to be grave enemies.

Reasons why being friends with your ex can help you get back

Being friend with your ex is a good gesture where he/she will feel like you were not a bad person after all. Sometimes, when we remain friends with our exes we create a room where they will judge us with a third eye. After breaking up with my ex I did to get my ex back by remaining friends with her and showing no signs of being enemies. On that note she realized that I had no bad intentions against her and within no time, she was back to my live and we had another opportunity of setting things straight and starting all over again.

Being friends is the basis of solving your conflicts

You may never be able to solve conflicts in your relationship when you have declared yourself as grave enemies. For example, after a simple mishap in our relationship, it was difficult to get my ex back because I didn’t want anything to do with being friend. However, this chance when I slowly became friends with her again. This is because after being friends, I was in a better position to initiate a conversation where our conflicts would be resolved. In that case, being friends with your ex will allow you an opportunity to talk things over without throwing things at one another.

Being friends is a source of attraction towards each other

Considering that you and your ex were once attracted to each other before the break up, there are high chances that you will start getting attracted to one another if you remain friends for a relatively good period of tie. What are we saying her? We are saying that it is better to remain friends with your ex so that that friendship will create an attraction and this attraction is the one element that will end up pulling things together back again. This is also a strategy that worked for me as was trying to get my ex back.

Being friends help retain memories

When lovers become enemies, there are high chances that good memories will be forgotten and when that happens, it will be difficult to get you ex back. Just remain friends so that the good memories you shared will act as a bargaining chip when getting your ex back.

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