This is a simple question but difficult to answer basically because people have various views and opinions. I believe that you have come across people of different ages falling in love and eventually getting married. When that happens, people will actually talk and some of them will tend to oppose the fact that such a love relationship will actually work. Some will hold on the fact that as long as people love one another, they are good to go. However, you need to be attractive towards your partner and your age will never be an impeding factors. There are a number of reasons why age doesn’t matter at all in a relationship.

The threshold of love should be the determinant

Age doesn’t matter in love basically because love do thrive where there is love. With that idea at hand, it is very important to understand the fact that when there is a high threshold of love, then age will be an insignificant element. Age is just a number that we count in order to tell how old or young someone is. There are people who are indeed very old but they have maintained their beauty to an extent where they have managed to be attractive towards a potential lover. When love precedes you age, then age may not matter anymore.

It depends on one’s preference and choice

Age does not matter as far as love relationship is concerned. With that idea at hand, it is very important to take into consideration that there are those of us who tend to get attracted to people who are older or younger than them. That is what we call personal preferences and he/she get to choose his/her lover based on their ages. For example, some of the teens in the current generations tend to prefer older women and that has been the origin of what is known as “sugar mummies”. This is a term that refers to an older woman having an affair or marrying a teen or a man younger than them. As long as there is an attraction between these partners, then age factors does not matter at all.

Age in love does not matter because it does not affect anything

Who said that having a love affair with a younger girl if you are an old man will affect you in any way? Since it has no side effect, then you will agree with me that age matter in love is something insignificant. In fact, the existence of a huge age difference brings about respect. This is basically because one of the partners will look up to the older partner in anything they would like to do. When such a thing exists in marriage or love affair then success will follow as far as such a relationship is concerned. Moreover, a love affair which is characterized by a huge age difference results into a stable relationship. This is basically because of the idea that older people tend to understand the younger partner hence stability. All that matter is for you to be attractive to one another.

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