Having sex and making love has always been something that is so confusing. In fact, not many people can differentiate these two terminologies. However, it is very important to be aware of the fact that when we talk about low or high libido, we associate it with sex. Yes, that is right basically because low libido bars you from having sex in the manner that you might have wanted to. On the other hand making love is a term used to refer to having sex meant for enjoyment, recreation and strengthening marriages if you are already married. This brings us to the question “Is it better to have sex or make love?”

The main differences between having sex and making love

Like we have said, libido count has always been associated with having sex while making love does not largely depend on having sex but making love. Making love does not depend on how much libido one has but his/her ability to induce those bodily feelings. Making love is all about inducing ones feeling so that they can feel like they are satisfied by other sexual moves rather than copulation. On the other hand, having sex is an act that is driven by libido content in men. When the amount of libido is low, then the urge to do sex is also reduced.

Secondly, making love is more satisfying than having sex. You will agree with me that having sex is an action that aims at relieving sexual feeling at an instance and it takes a very short time. You will agree with me that when making love, you tend to feel relaxed, satisfied and loved by the person you are making love with. It is very crucial therefore to make love rather than to have sex because making love comprises of other advances and not only the actual act of having sex. In order to improve your libido, it is important to make love rather than have sex because that is the only way to make sure that you are satisfied.

Thirdly, having sex might be mistaken for a rough act while making love is a gentle action. Having sex has all along been mistaken with an act that does not consider the feeling of the opposite partner. On the other hand, making love is basically associated with a mutual satisfaction between the two partners engaging in such an act. The main difference here is that making love is an act that is perceived as gentle and the end result is basically long term satisfaction. Long term satisfaction depends on how you make love and not how high your libido is. On the other hand, having sex might not bring about long term satisfaction at all.

Last not least, using the term “making love” sounds better because it sounds respectful as compared to having sex. As much as the issues of libido has always been associated with one’s ability to have sex, it is also a term that people perceive as negative and less respectful.

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