A place of work is actually a place where you are expected to comply with strict professional code of conducts. With that, you may not be in a good position to ask a colleague at work out for a date. As much as someone will be attractive to the other person, you will always be expected not to have an intimate relationship. The environment at such a place of work is always full of tension and there is not a single chance when you can ask someone out simply because she/he is your colleague. Considering that asking someone you work with out for a date might prove to be very difficult, there are a number of ways which can be applied or considered so that asking you workmate out won’t be an uphill task.

Let the first date be a professional one

As much you will be attracted to your workmate, it is important to make sure that you proceed with caution when asking him/her for the first date. Considering that he/she is your colleague at a place of work, it is very important to make sure that you ask her/him in such a way that it looks professional. For example, you need to ask your workmate whether they will be in a position to go out after work so that you can iron out some issues affecting you at your place of work. All this while you need to dress in a way that you will be attractive. Asking her/him out in the name of airing out issues related to work will be an excuse that he/she will buy.

Always act like a gentlewoman when asking him out

Unlike women, men are actually easy to lure into a date. Men do feel great whenever they are asked out for a date by women. However, as a woman, you need to make sure that you don’t show any intimate interests but you need to be attractive. Being attractive is what will lure you man into saying something other than the normal conversant. In order to lure him into an intimate conversation, always make sure that you start things on a lighter note. Never make things appear too serious so that your man will feel like you are taking things too fast.

Allow you workmate to choose the right time when he is ready to go out on a date

Sometimes, when women insists on going on a date with a man she is working with, it will appear as though they are desperate or after something. In order to make the man comfortable with going out with you, first, be attractive and allow him to choose the date, the time and the place. In so doing, he will feel like he is actually the person asking you out for a date and not vice versa. Men like taking control through deciding when to go for a date with you.

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