In order to save your marriage needs many tips and matods which we are going to talk about today.

There is a powerful force that attracts couples. This force creates an energetic bond that unites the couple even from a distance and raises the joy and success of both.

Jealousy is a very common feeling, especially in relationship with the partner.

In addition, envy brings many bad feelings to our lives. It can disrupt your self-confidence, your relationship and your achievements. On the other hand.

How to deal with envy?

When you talk about your relationship and your day to day and realize that there is silence, disinterest or discouragement, or changes in partner this can be a sign of envy.

Try to keep away from that kind of feeling. The solution may be to boast less and compliment more. In the relationship market, the tip is to learn how to handle the situation! Try to forget others and focus on your goals.

If you envy your relationship, you can try to create a dialogue. You should immediately give space to yourself and to your partner, to understand to themselves and easily you can save your marriage.

Master your own envy:

Try to think about the things you have and your partner, not the opposite. Review your choices and think positively about them, and especially remember how envy is a feeling that hurts and hurts, both you and the other.

Shortening the time spent on social networking can also help. On Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we have access all the time to what our partner is doing, and this can arouse feelings of envy. Look for an activity to replace your time on social networks, and bring positive things to you, such as gym, crafts or courses. And don’t forget to give space to your loved one.

Sympathy to End Envy:

If you still feel that you are very jealous, there are some sympathies that can help:

Write the first verse on a piece of lilac paper. Fold the paper while you ask for the help of your protective angel. Leave it near the front door of your house for as long as you feel it necessary. When you think everything is all right, bury the paper in a vase or flower garden.

For a month, always on Mondays, put in a glass of water, a spoon (soup) of coarse salt and three sprigs of rosemary.

Every time you leave home to work, pray an Our Father and a Hail Mary, asking God to take away envious people from your life. When you return home, throw the water in the sink and the branches in the trash, thinking again that you are sending away the envious people. Wash and reuse the glass as normal. Whenever you feel it necessary to repeat this sympathy.

Light an incense open avenues and, looking steadily at him, repeat: “Blessed spirit, by the power of the destroying fire and the ashes, I ask you to remove any envy from me and do not let anything torment me. “When you finish burning, blow ash to the side where the sun rises. You can repeat sympathy whenever you feel the need.

If you will be able to learn these methods to deal with jealousy, you can surely save your marriage.

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