Online has become a great place to find a date. Actually, there are very many people who have found love online and are happily married today. Social media has made the world a global village, and you can connect with people from all over the world.

As a lady, you might have noticed someone you really like on social media platform like Facebook and you are wondering how to attract his attention. In this post, we have discussed briefly some of the best ways to attract a man on Facebook and possibly become his girlfriend.

1.Add him as your friend

In case the guy you want to attract his attention is not your friend on Facebook, the first step is to add him as your friend. If you know him personally, you can send him a short greeting friendly message like, “Hey, I am your colleague, add me:)”. If you know any of his friends, you can first befriend one of them on Facebook before sending a friend request to the guy you want to attract. Most people prefer accepting friends with whom they have mutual friends on Facebook.

2.Join the Facebook group he is in

Join the Facebook group he is in, and be active. Post related, attention-grabbing things on that page. You should post things that will make him comment or engage in your posts. If he replies, comments or start engaging in your post, you can go ahead and add him as having a common interest. This way, you are creating an environment that will make it possible and easier for the two of you to have a conversation.

3.Be in his radar

You should make your presence known clearly on his Facebook timeline. First, check his timeline frequently to know what his interests are. As you stalk his time line, start commenting and liking his posts. This will make your presence known clearly to him and he will notice you. Besides complimenting him during his joyous moments, also console him during his sad moments. Ensure you are with him especially during his important moments like his birthday. Congratulate him and wish him happy birthday. Just be sure not to overdo anything. Moderation is key. You won’t fail to attract a man on Facebook by consistently being in his radar.

4.Chat him

Up to now, you must have build friendship with him. He might also be giving like, replying your comment, and even commenting on your posts. If it has reached this point, he probably has an amiable impression toward you. So, you can now start sending him a message in his inbox. To attract his attention easily, try to talk about his interest topics. This will make him reply and start having a conversation. Ensure that you give him signs that you are interested in him during the conversation.

5.Flirt him

Now that the two of you are in talking terms and are enjoying the friendship, you can proceed and start flirting him in his wall. You can write him a flirty wall post like, “Are you not yet tired? Because you have been literally running in my mind the whole day”.

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