Texting can be a fun and easy way to attract a woman you are interested in. But before you start texting her, it’s important to note that women get texts from guys all the time, and it’s not a big deal to them if you also text. So, to make her respond to your text and get immersed into the conversation, you have to send her texts that get her attention.

We have given you tips on how to get a woman’s attention in a text and make her long to hear more from you.

1.Ask her a question

One of the easiest ways to get a woman’s attention in a text is to ask her a question. A question requires a response, and she will find it rude not to provide an answer. So, she will respond. Be sure to ask a logical question. Don’t ask her something like, “hey, how are you doing”? While this is also a question, it doesn’t require any effort to answer. Actually, she might ignore it because it is one of those types of texts that are flooding women’s inbox every minute.

2.Send texts that allow her to talk about herself

This is another easy way to attract the attention of a woman. Ask her about herself in a text, and she will not be able to resist the urge to respond. Most women love to talk about themselves. So, few of them will turn down the opportunity to tell you about themselves. For instance, ask her about her hobbies and interests. Asks her about the type of music she enjoys and so on.

3.Send follow up texts

Don’t jump from one topic to another because doing that will make a woman feels like you are not serious and that you are not taking her replies seriously. To maintain her attention, send follow up texts. For instance, if she was telling you about her hobbies, you can ask if she likes engaging in those hobbies alone or if she wouldn’t mind a company to make the experience more fun and memorable. The idea is to ensure that you engage her in a conversation that revolves around a clear topic until she is done telling it to you all.

4.Send a text that suggests a specific plan

Suggesting specific plans via text is also a great way to attract a woman’s attention and make her respond quickly and happily. And I don’t mean sending boring texts like, “hey, wanna grab some coffee?” After asking her about her interests and about herself, you now know what she would like. So, mention the plan and suggest a specific date. For instance, send something like, “Hey, you said that you love red wine. Want to grab a drink tonight at around 7 at the new brewery on Lumumba Drive?” There is no way a woman will fail to respond to such a more specific text.

Overall, you can easily attract a woman through texting if you know how to do it right. You can try other creating ways besides the one we have mentioned her and see how it goes.

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