You don’t have to talk to a woman to attract her attention. You can actually make get notice you by simply not talking to her. If you want to impress and attract a woman without even talking, you have come to the right place. Read on to learn how to do just that without breaking a sweat.

1.Be the center of attention

May be you walk into her regularly, but she doesn’t seem to notice you. If you want to attract her attention, you have to be the center of everybody’s attention. Be fun and friendly and have all your friends talking to you especially when she is around. You might think that you will get lost in the group but this is not true. Actually, groups of people often get more attention as compared to a single person in some corner. Your fun persona and infectious attitude will make you stand out from the crowd.

2.Look good and dress smart

Women are attracted to men who have good grooming. Dress in clothes that fit you perfectly well and look good on you. Even without talking to her, she will notice you and she would want to hang out with you.

3.Make eye contact

Making eye contact with a woman now and then will eventually make her notice you. It might take some time before she takes notice of you, but you will eventually get her attention. Whenever your eyes meet, lock eyes with her a little longer and then look away with a smile. Exchange brief glances with her now and then. This will get her thinking whether there is something you have in mind about her, and she will start paying attention to you.

4.Lean forward

Concerning body language especially in the dating field, the lean forward posture speaks volume. Lean forward towards her direction if you are both sited in an office, or a bar. This posture implies that you want to focus on what she looks like, what she is doing, and what she could be saying. It’s like you want to read her mind.

5.Smile at her

Smile plays a very big role when it comes to trying to attract a woman with or without talking. Smile is a language that even infants understand. It means that you are approachable and that you have good intentions. It makes you seem warm, non-threatening and friendly, and these are the things that all women find appealing. When you smile at her, especially if you are the first to do it, the woman will see you as a confident man, and confidence is another trait which all women want in men.

6.Hang out in that same place

If you always run into this woman at some place every now and then, start frequenting that place. You can spend more time with your friends at that place to increase the chances of you bumping into her. By seeing you frequently at her favorite hangouts, she will notice you and start to feel comfortable.

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