So, you have realized that you simply can’t move on even after trying all the tricks, and now, you simply want your ex back. Well, it’s possible! In fact, you can actually do that by simply texting him or her. Yes, you read that right. You can get your ex back very fast by text messages. Sounds great? I bet! But how can you be able to that effectively?

In this post, we have explained to you how you can get your ex back fast by text messages. Read on to learn more.

Texting is among the most convenient and effective ways to get back your ex fast provided you know how to do it correctly and carefully. To do it correctly, you should know what types of text messages you should send. Here is a simple guide on how to text your ex to get them back.

1.Send interesting text message

When you have decided to text your ex, send a message that will arouse them and make them feel happy. You have to avoid sending boring messages like “hi, how’re you doing?” Be sure to send something fun that will make them feel a positive vive from the message and add some importance in the meantime. If the message makes him or her smile and feel happy, you are increases the chances that they will want to text back and hear more from you. Always keep in mind that happiness is contagious.

2.Send text messages that remind your ex of the good times

Sending a text message that reminds your ex of the good old times that the two of you had will trigger them to miss you. Send text messages that trigger nostalgia emotions. It is a great way to rebuild reconnection with your ex. Triggering nostalgia emotions is a powerful and personal way to tap into the mind of your ex as it will remind him or her about those cherished memories that the two of you shared while you were still together.

A text message that triggers nostalgia memories will indirectly provoke your ex to start thinking about your relationship again and the good times. It also reminds your ex the good and obvious reasons why the two of you were together. He or she will miss you and start craving for your company. That way, your ex will be more willing to come back to you.

The idea is to use something personal, unique and very specific between you two, something that only you guys would understand.

3.Send envy text messages

Sending an envy text message can work wonders when trying to get your ex back. However, it should not be the first text message you are sending after a “no contact period” or after breakup. You should send it after the two of you have started connecting well via texts. Again, do not send envy text message to your ex if he or she is extremely jealous, emotional, or insecure.

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