A bad break up is one where there almost zero chances of getting her/him back to your life. After a bad break up I was personally left wondering how I would get my ex back. Now, after a bad break up you need to be aware of the fact that all is not done until every strategy has failed. Although some of the bad break ups may be difficult to med or recover, there are a number of strategies or ways which if implemented could get your ex back on track. Have you go any way of getting your ex back after a bad break up? If not, then here are a number of strategies to get your ex back even after a bad break up.

Allow things to cool before expressing the need to get back

As soon as you and your ex have broken up, you don’t need to follow her everywhere trying to ask for forgiveness or even justify yourself. The first thing that I did and it worked when I was trying to get my ex back was to let her go and let her be for some time. The fact that she will be on her/his own will eventually help her visualized what had happened. In fact, your ex will try to think things over and see if such break up was worth it. In some cases, after sitting down and reconsidering things, they will look for a way to come back to you. This might not be direct but they will somehow find a way to get back. Never ran after your ex after a bad break up. Just cool down and wait for the right time to come.

Remind her/him of the good times and memories you shared

If there is anything that can easily bring your ex back after a bad break up is by reminding her/him of the good things you shared. As I was trying to get my ex back, I did regularly remind her of the good things we did together, the golden moment we shared and even some of the challenges we did manage to overcome together. Such reminder will help her flashback and actually see things in the right perspectives. If you have come from far together, then your ex will see no logic in making such a break up a permanent thing.

Show remorse and submit to the fact that you are wrong but sorry

After a bad break up, it became difficult to get my ex back basically because I didn’t admit to the fact that I was wrong. In fact, I didn’t show any remorse. In order to get him/her back, it is important to be remorseful and sorry even if you don’t mean it. Sometimes, saying a simple “sorry” will overturn things. In order to get her back; just make sure that you admit to your sins and just say sorry in a very remorseful way.

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