If you are looking for your ex-girlfriend / ex-lover to be back in the relationship, you can apply simple logic to this problem and get your ex back again in love.

All men face this dilemma of having some loose strings in a relationship. For that, you can try out many alternatives. You may not be sure which one will be more effective or not at all effective. But you can try out ignorance/being less available for making her realize your value.

Ignorance grabs attention:

Many women are forced to face the same dilemma after the break: “My ex-boyfriend does not call me” My ex-boyfriend is not looking for me”. Following these statements, they ask themselves: Should I call him?

Not all breakups are the same, however, the procedure for reconciliation often starts in the same way, it starts by re-establishing communication with their ex-boyfriend.

• Should I call my ex?

• How long is the appropriate waiting time for getting is free time?

• Will there be a way to get him to approach me first?

But more important than getting impatient about contacting you, is to build a position in which your ex-girlfriend misses you. When you really want to find out, know about yourself again, the outcome of communication with your ex will be quite more positive.

Don’t try to be desperate:

It is simply our nature, humans always long for what we cannot have. Therefore, the moment your ex-girlfriend notices that you are withdrawing from the relationship and from him, this will be your chance, because at that moment he will begin to consider returning with you.

When you keep persecuting, harassing your ex and at the same time you insist on reasoning with the one who returns with you, she is clear about the fact that he can come back to you when she sees fit, this gives her room to continue keeping you in second place and to enjoy and have fun on your own.

Things to remember during break-up:

You should never show your ex-lover that you want to go back with her, or you are finding ways of “how to get my ex back?” For no reason should you write loving texts and send them to them. Less than that, still leave tender messages on Facebook.

By distancing yourself serenely, you will make it clear that there are other priorities in your life today. The vast majority of women are frightened thinking that acting indifferent to the ex-boyfriend will result in the loss of motivation and interest in them and that they give up the idea of returning in the future, this idea is wrong because the truth is that it happens otherwise.

It helps in articulating the phrase “why my ex-boyfriend does not give me attention” so that you need to generate an environment in which you want to communicate with her. Staying firm and secure after she broke the relationship is a must if you want to recover and if you want to get your ex back.

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