After a break up, I always wondered how to get my ex back basically because she did not want to hear a thing from me. I believe that you have once found yourself in such a situation before and since you were used to your ex so much, you always longed for her to be back. Now, it is possible to get your ex back by applying the law of attraction. After applying the law of attraction myself, I was able to get my ex back within a very short period of time after break up. It is important to understand how the law attraction works so that you can be in a position to get your ex back.

Carry on with confidence after break up

Most women would want to spend her life with a man who is not a cry child. Being a cry child is simply crying over the spilt milk rather than finding ways and the right confidence to move one. You need to be a courageous person and that is something you should strive to show you ex. When he/she finds that you are a courageous and self-confident person, they will automatically find their way back to you. On the other hand, if your ex perceives you as a cry child, then they will never consider you a strong partner.

Always be attractive even after the break up

It is very important to be aware of the fact that women and even ex-lovers tend to get attracted to you if you are always attractive. How do you maintain your levels of attractiveness? It is simple, it starts with dressing perfectly. It is very crucial to understand that there are those clothes or fashions that your ex likes. Whenever you dress in such fashionable outfits, then they will be taken aback and they will always remember those times when you were together. In that case, if someone asks you “how do I get my ex back”, all you need to tell them is simply dress to your best and pass in front of your ex. Attraction is the basis of getting your ex back.

Never stop communicating with them

Even after he/she has confirmed that it is over, you need not to delete her number or throw her pictures out of you photo gallery. Instead, you need to confirm to him/her that she will remain your friend and nothing else. Never talk about the need to get her/him back in the relationship. Maintaining the communication is simply one way of getting your ex back by law of attraction. This is simply because they will consider you a friend and a friend worth of second chance. This one of the ways that helped me get my ex back.

Never insult your ex

Insults were never in my list when I was trying to get my ex back. Instead, just make sure that you withhold every insults. Allow him/her to insult you and your quietness will draw him/her back to you.

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