Did you know that you can easily attract your ex and get him or her back by law of attractions? Well, it is very possible and it has worked for many people out there. You can actually get your ex back and build the broken relationship together and live happily ever after. But how do you apply the law of attraction to get back your ex? This is the million dollar question. Just read on and learn.

  • Fill your mind with positive thoughts about your ex

After you have decided that you want your ex back, set aside 30 days when you will be thinking positively about your ex. During this time, don’t contact him or her. Just fill your mind with positive thoughts about them. Forget everything else that happened before that broke the relationship. Treat it as a game of imagination. This is how to fill your mind with positive thoughts about your ex.

  • Imagine waking up with your ex

When you wake up every morning, imagine that your ex is with you. Imagine you are exchanging good morning greetings to each other, hugging, kissing, and talking about the plans of the day. The idea is to imagine that your ex is right there with you when you wake up.

  • Imagine going to bed with your ex

Do the same at night. Imagine you are with your ex, kissing, hugging, saying good night, saying I love you, and then falling asleep together.

  • Imagine watching with him or her

When you are watching your favorite movie or TV, imagine you are with your ex. Imagine you are talking to each other discussing the movie.

  • Cook for two

When you are preparing dinner, imagine you are preparing food for two – you and your ex. Imagine how enjoyable it would have been taking dinner together, having great conversation and so on.

  • Enjoy your music with your ex in mind

Listen to your favorite songs or positive music, watch relationship movies that have positive views about love.

Doing all the above will help keep you in a loving feeling and keep your mind positive. When you do everything that help you imagine that you are with your ex all the time, you will get the feeling that you actually have him or her right there, and believe you me, you will attract your ex. That is basically how we normally attract everything into our lives. You won’t even go looking for your ex. As long as you have the feeling that you have them with you, they will definitely come back to you sooner or later.

The more you believe you are with your ex, and the more you feel loved, happy, and grateful for having your ex back with you the faster it will happen. That is how the law of attraction works. Even if your ex has already moved on and is dating someone else, just remain positive, feel loved, and imagine they are there with you. The law of attraction is very powerful and it will work. Something will change, and your ex will start missing you and wishing that you guys could bring love together again. Don’t even start worrying how and when it will happen. Just believe it will happen.

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