Breaking up with your boyfriend can be a very heartbreaking experience because you are literally losing someone you truly love. But it can even get more painful when you see your replacement. It can be very distressful to see that your ex boyfriend is happily hooked to another girl especially when you still want him back. The good news is, you can successfully get him back from your replacement and have a relationship with him again.

Getting ex back especially when he already has another girl can be a tricky undertaking. But as we have mentioned before, it is very possible. In fact, it can be very simple. Here are some simple ways of getting ex back from another girl and make him yours and love together for good.


The first thing to do after a break up is to apologize. Say sorry to him and be sincere. Saying sorry to him will make his heart melt and you will begin to be in his thoughts.

2.Make him see your regret

If you are in talking terms with your ex boyfriend, use your emotions to make him see your regrets. This will show him that you still have strong feelings for him. It will also make him see that you still have hope in the broken relationship.

3.Give him space

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or so they say. Give him some space and don’t think that you are going to lose him completely by giving him space. By giving him space, you are giving him time to miss you and to evaluate the broken relationship.

4.Show him that you care through text messages

Text him once a day or once after every few days and ask him how he is doing. If he had a tough day, sympathize with him and cheer him up. By showing your ex boyfriend or husband that you care, he will know that you are sincere.

5.Give support to him and the girl

Pretend to giving him support together with his new girlfriend. By showing genuine support, you will appear kind and mature to him, and these are the qualities men desire from ladies.

6.Don’t say anything negative on social media

Badmouthing your ex boyfriend and, or his new girlfriend and the new relationship is the most immature thing to do after break up. It minimizes your chances of getting your ex back as he will keep off. Showing jealousy on Facebook or on any social media platform simply shows that you are a psycho ex girlfriend.

7.Maintain physical closeness

Sit next to him whenever you get the opportunity and touch him lightly. These are some of the safe things you can do to your ex boyfriend without actually creating any drama. Your smell, tender smile, and light touch will likely remind him of the good times you guys had when you were in a relationship. It will make him want to initiate the conversation about getting together again.

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