Being desperate is what I never wanted to be seen on my face when I was trying to get my back. Sometimes, love can be so deep to an extent where you try to get your ex back desperately. You don’t need to show that you are desperate when trying to get him/her because it could ruin thing further. There are a number of ways of trying to get her back without looking desperate. Your ex-boyfriend might have confirmed that it is over but not all that is said by a word of mouth comes from the heart. With that, here are a number of ways to adopt in order to get your ex-boyfriend back without looking desperate.

Maintain distance and be quiet after break up

Sometimes, following up on your ex-boyfriend will make people view you as a desperado. In order to avoid that, you need to make sure that keep away and avoid calling him every now and them. If you will stay away for a month or so without calling or trying to find her then he will soon find it necessary to call you even if not to tell you that he wants to come back. After a break up with my ex, I did maintain distance and barred myself from calling him. Later, he did look for me and that is when we initiated the talk.

Be independent and confident

As soon as he tells you that it is over, it is very crucial for you to make sure that you pick yourself up and run your life with ease. This will send a message that you are not solely dependent on him. Show him that life has to continue without him and that is when he will start realizing that maybe he was the one who went far. If you have been asking yourself “how to get my ex back” then this is one of the strategy to employ and you will see miracles.

Initiate a communication but never ask him back

It is important to continue communicating with him but never talk about your previous relationship. Instead, you need to talk about other things and you can simply remind him that you are simply sorry for what happened and that you really regret. This was one of the strategy that I adopted when I was trying to get my ex back after a bad break up. As soon as he leaves you, just communicate with him as if you had nothing to do with each other. This will send questions lingering in his mind and he will certainly find his way back home.

Leave an open window of opportunity

After a break up with your ex-boyfriend, it is crucial not to close the doors immediately because he will be back is given an opportunity. With that idea, you need to assure him that your doors are still open for him. It is better to leave a door open rather than close it too soon.

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