She loved you. She was crazy about you. But then something terrible happened and she left. But now, you want her back badly and you just don’t know how to get her back and have your love together again.

Getting ex back is among the options you have after breakup. If you still have a feeling that the best relationship you can ever have is with your ex girlfriend, then you need to have a strategy that will make her want to come back. Getting ex back doesn’t necessarily mean that you chase her. You can simply make her want to come back. When you have realized she wants you back, you can then make a move and show her that you also want her back. But how do you make her crave for you and want to come back? Well, follow the following steps.

Step 1: Apply the no contact rule

The no contact rule always works magic when it comes to getting ex back. Determine a set period of time where you will not contact or see her. Cut all contacts including phone calls, social media, in person meetings, and text messages. Deny her a chance to see you or hear from you. Avoid initiating any contact. Again, don’t respond to her texts or calls at all.

Avoiding contact with your ex girlfriend will give both of you ample time to work your feelings and heal. It also gives an excellent way of making your ex girlfriend miss you. She will feel like you are denying her the freedom to talk to you, see you, or even come back. This will make her start regretting why she even left in the first place. She will reflect about your relationship and she will miss the good times you had together.

The no contact period should last for about 21 to 45 days. Choose a specific period and stick to your plan.

Step 2: Take good care of yourself

Instead of wasting your time begging her and trying to chase her around, just keep cool and focus on yourself. Even if you have been the good person in the relationship, there is always a room for improvement. As you keep away from her during the no contact period, work on improving your physical health, emotional health and mental health. Eat healthy, exercise regularly, and spend quality time with family and friends. Doing these things will help you be the best version of yourself. Being a better person will make you more desirable, and she will find you irresistible once you start to initiate contact with her.

Step 3: Contact her

After the no contact period is over, contact her. You can reach out to her through a text message, letter, email, or a phone call. Greet her and ask how she has been. Admit that you have really missed her. Make sure your message is interesting, short and positive. However, don’t tell her you want her back. You can be sure that she will be very happy to hear from you, and she will be longing to hear you say you want her back.

Step 4: Apologize to her

Now that you are in talking terms, you can proceed and apologize to her. Tell her you are genuinely sorry for whatever happened, and that it is one thing you will never repeat in your entire life.

Step 5: Give her a date

The last step is to give her a date. She has probably been waiting for this from the very first day you contacted her.

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