Sometimes after having a bad break up it proves really difficult to move on or set things in motion like before. In order to reverse this people couples or love partner will tell you that I want to get my ex back because I am feeling like I can’t move on with my life. There are those people who may never be able to move on without their ex because they are used to the so much that they are willing to do anything in order to get them back into their lives. Now, the question whether trying to get your ex back comes in. Getting you ex back is worth it but it is sometimes not worthy.

Getting your ex back is worth it if there is still love

Sometimes you need to get him/her back after the break up only because of love and nothing else. If you feel like you still have some love left towards your ex, then it is worth it to try and get your ex back. After a bad break up with my ex, I realized that the love we shared was too much and finding and getting her back was worth it. In a relationship where there was deep love you don’t need to say goodbye that easy because it is worth the pain to get your ex back.

Get your ex back if the issue was so petty that it didn’t warrant the break up

In most cases, most of the break ups are as a result of petty issues such as quarrelling over money and quarreling over staying away from home and come back during late hours. When there is such a misunderstanding, it is important to try and get your ex back because it is a petty issues that may not be solved only by initiating a break up but by talking things over. Conflict resolution is what will straighten things further and this is a strategy that I used when I was trying to get my ex back in the recent past and it worked.

It is not worth getting your ex back if he/she has moved on

Sometimes, our partners in love might break up and immediately find a better place and partner than you were. When that happens, they will certainly move one and they may never want anything to do with getting back with you. Here, you need to read between the lines and discover the fact that she has moved on and that she/he is never getting back with you. As for me, I wouldn’t get my ex back if I discover that she has moved on and is at the point of no return.

Never get your ex back if you were not happy about the relationship

It is not worth trying to get your ex back if you feel like you were not happy with him/her. Since happiness and love matters a lot, you need to make sure that you get your ex back if you feel like you were happy and did love each other.

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