This one of the question that when answered correctly will lead you to the right woman, a successful love relationship and a successful marriage in the long run. There are so many things that a woman wants. The list is endless but whatever a woman wants also depend on ones (woman’s) personality and personal principles. It is also true to say that not all women want what another woman wants. It is important also to be aware of the fact that a woman does not just want material things. Material things do not matter for a modest woman but you need to be attractive for a woman to want you in her life. Have you ever asked yourself this question before? If not, then here are a number of things that woman may want from you.

A woman wants security when in a relationship

A woman would always want to be in a relationship which is secure. What does the term “secure” means? It means that she would like to have you for herself and needs to be assured that no one else will take her place no matter what happens. For example, when you are dating a woman and striving towards marriage, she will always ask you to give her an assurance that no other woman will take her place and that she will be your ultimate choice. Now that is simply seeking security in a relationship and you don’t need to be attractive for a woman to want you in her life. As soon as you assure her of security, then she will invest everything she has in that relationship.

A woman wants honest/sincere men

Honesty is basically the act or virtue that is associated with doing everything truthfully. Most women would like you to tell them the truth even if the truth is itself is painful. When a man exercises honesty, it is always very easy for a woman to forgive in case of wrangles in the relationship. With that idea, it is important for you to do everything with truth and always be honest even if such honesty has negative consequences. Always remember that a woman can always forgive and continue to love on the grounds that you are honest. On top of this you need to be attractive for a woman to love you.

A woman wants a man who is stable

Stability in this case, is not necessarily financial stability but it is simply being stable emotional, physically and socially. An unstable individual is that person who may not manage him/herself and steer his/her life towards the right direction. A woman would like to have a man who is proud and self-confident. That tells you that you don’t need to be attractive for a woman to choose you. You need to show her that you are stable emotionally and socially.

A woman would like to be married in a conspicuous wedding occasion

Every woman would like to have a wedding and you don’t simply need to be attractive for you to be in her life. As soon as she accepts you, then be aware of the fact that they would like a wedding.

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