If you have fears that you cannot save your marriage, the following article will surely help you.

Going out to dinner, dancing, kissing and that long etcetera that does not only need to save your marriage, but the next dawns you want to run, run away without looking back and avoid any kind of uncomfortable conversation about what happened last night.

One day, you do not know how, there is someone who goes deeper than normal, who has trouble letting go, and then you stay a second time, send a message, make plans that you had not done with anyone else and almost without giving a thought to your mind, you find yourself a good day saying a phrase that you thought would never come out of your mouth. But then you get scared. Fear just comes stronger than ever and what do you do?

There are many possible reactions to the fear of commitment. We could classify these people into these categories:

The Golden Bachelorette:

The option that has chosen this type of person with the fear of compromise is to flee and continue to peck without any kind of attachment. Those who do this miss everything that could have been: a love story, complicity, mutual support. Luckily they have good unconditional friends who fill the emptiness of their apartment or the sadness of their cold sheets.

The Defeated:

This group consists of those who commit themselves without having resolved the fear that they have to do it. The fear lingers in their unconscious, but they control themselves, assume the commitment.

And have a relationship that makes them happy, but at the same time it suffocates them more and more. The problem is that one day it is exploited because everything that is repressed sooner or later comes out stronger. A typical case is those relationships that always have arguments to the limit or even leave and return continuously.

The Happily Committed:

They are the people who were afraid of commitment but have known how to overcome because they had the courage to accept their fear.

You can save your marriage if you fall under this category. It is necessary to stop to know oneself, and normally what is at the bottom is a fear of being hurt, of losing the other person after wanting a lot of it, or of having illusions and being disappointed.

Fear of commitment often comes from someone who has had a very negative experience in the past, or who has lived through the problems of others, such as their parents or a good friend who has been cuckolded.

It is normal to want to avoid being hurt, but deep down life always has sufferings of some kind, and what we can ask ourselves is what kind of sufferings are worthwhile to us, those who come from experiences that will also bring us enormous happiness.

So it is important for you to decide the right thing if you want to be free or just continue with your relationship despite thinking if you are at all not happy for maintaining a healthy relationship.

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