Commitment in a relationship for most people means no playing around. Well, that does not mean there are no plenty of those who will be ready to have an affair with you out there. Infidelity, if found out by your partner, might ruin a great relationship that you’ve had. To save your marriage, you should be faithful to your partner. The view that infidelity is a sin is held by almost everyone in a relationship all over the world.

Across different cultures and religions, infidelity is considered a grave sin in the whole world by people who are married dating. Despite this fact, married people and those who are dating still commit infidelity, and pray that their partners don’t do the same.

Both men and women commit infidelity

According insight surveys, infidelity can be a very tough premise to handle. First, no one, in regards to gender, has the monopoly of infidelity. Both men and women can commit infidelity. However, the rate of infidelity is rampant in men than in women. Let’s take a look at some important statistics.

About 22% of adults in monogamous relationships have cheated on their current partner. This infidelity rate is even higher among the married men. And almost 50 percent of people admit to committing infidelity at some point in their lives.

Most people who have made monogamous commitment often find it easier to commit to remain faithful than to keep that promise. So, what drives people into committing infidelity?

Exchanging wedding rings, having children together, or even spending years together do not inoculate a couple against committing infidelity. Actually, married people with children, including women with very young children, are almost as likely to be unfaithful as childless couples.

The good thing is, while many of us are often tempted to sleep around, it seems we are afraid of cheating and we really fear it.

About 44% of married men are having extra marital affairs and about 36% of married women are unfaithful. According to surveys and statistics, at least 28% of married men and 18% of married women admit to have had a sexual affair outside marriage.

Going by the statistics, infidelity is not as rampant as we often think. Some people who commit infidelity do it because they think everybody else out there is doing it.

Those who like variety

Those who commit infidelity are those people who say they like variety. People who have cheated say that they cheat because they like the excitement they get from having a variety. It is because they want a more wild sex life than what they are enjoying with their relationship partner.

Need for more emotional attention

Most women who commit adultery say that the need for more emotional attention drives them to do so. There is no justification for infidelity whatsoever. However, as a man, you can reduce the chance of your wife cheating on you by attending to her emotional needs. This can save your marriage, which might be destroyed b y infidelity.

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